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The Garden Route is a world renowned area of stunning natural beauty. Held between the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma mountans to the east and the ocean to the west, it is a paradise for outdoor sports of every kind. Plettenberg Bay is a haven for whales and dolphins frequently spotted frolicking in the waves. Boat trips, sea diving and snorkelling allow for closer encounters with these wondrous friendly creatures.
Nature’s Valley, just 10 minutes drive from Khoinania must be one of the most lovely beaches in the world. A little further down the coast is Storm’s River, offering numerous adventure experiences such as river rafting, canoeing, and at Bloukrantz bridge is the highest bungee jump in the world! Sky diving is also on offer.

At The Crags itself, is the famous Monkey Land, a sanctuary for primates collected from all over the world, the recently constructed Birds of Eden, now home to many species of wild birds, and the Elephant Sanctuary which offers guests an unusually close encounter with a small herd of these magnificent gentle animals.

Dotted along the Garden Route are numerous high quality art and craft studios, where it is often possible to meet the artists themselves. The area appears to draw and stimulate creative people!

At The Crags there are a number of enterprising community development projects, many of which are assisted by dynamic young volunteers drawn from around the world. Khoinania supports these initiatives and welcomes volunteers to be accommodated here, just 5 kilometres from Kurland Village where all the action is.

Khoinania was first established as a country lodge in 1945, then known as Heidehof, the name given by its first set of owners who settled here as a refuge from Europe. The old Dutch gabled farmhouse and a few of the original farm buildings, built at that time, lend an old world atmosphere to the estate. In 1998, the farm was engulfed by a fire that swept down off the mountains and burnt to the ground three of the original guest cottages. The Lawrence family who have been here since 1979, made the decision to start afresh by building three new double storey guest cottages and renaming the farm, Khoinania. Stone Age implements have been found on the farm over the years, indicating that it was once long ago frequented by the hunter gatherer Khoi people. The name, Khoinania, “magical place where wondrous things happen”, was given in honour of those original people, who have been largely forgotten by modern society. (C.S. Lewis’ fables for children, the Books of Narnia, provided further inspiration for the name change!)

So now, what remains is the pleasure we take in welcoming you to Khoinania to share the pleasure of this lovely land and its many hidden secrets and opportunities…
We look forward to meeting you!